The Scottsdale Art Walk

Downtown Scottsdale is an exceptionally beautiful area to be found in the province of Greater Phoenix that entices thousands of hearts for simply walking around. The well-known Altamira Fine Art Scottsdale Art Walk is mostly located end to end with Main Street and Marshall Way of this area for displaying awesome arts. This enormous and blasé open house is a weekly gathering that is carried out all year-round except on Thanksgiving. This is America’s original Art Walk wide-open on Thursday evenings between 7-9 PM for all the art-lovers like you around the globe.

In past 40 years, more than hundred Scottsdale Art Galleries have opened their gates for letting art aficionados wander and capture their own whims in each of the art gallery. The weather and ambiance of the Downtown Scottsdale is remarkable due to histrionic statues, effervescing fountains, eminent restaurants, lush green courtyards and many other delightful scenarios. You can plan to spend an entire evening in the area for its amazing Art Walk, dining, theatre and other infinite options.

Scottsdale Art Galleries:

From traditional oils to western art and glass art to pottery, Downtown Scottsdale Art Walk has an endless assortment of art smithereens. Apart from art galleries, the area also features two museums within the walking distance for contemporary and western art respectively. On Thursday evenings, none of the streets like Marshall Way, Main Street and others are closed. This makes the parking worry-free as you can park right on the street but only if you are lucky enough to reach before time.

.Picture of the Scottsdale Art Walk

Speaking of the art galleries, most prominent contemporary galleries are along the Marshal Way and else everything is on Main Street. There is a Scottsdale art gallery literally one after another where some of them have artists and others have music and wine. Each of the Scottsdale Art Galleries is incredibly nice where you can go for fun and amusement. Some of the must watch galleries include: –

Gebert Contemporary: This modern day art gallery presents several shows and art-pieces of some legendary artists like Fritz Scholder. The famous painting Purgatory’ by Fritz Scholder is exhibited here. The painting reveals a monstrous face tattooed with the title A Proclamation’. Another great work of Elliot McDowell is displayed in this art gallery which is a black-and-white photo of Scholder with a buffalo and is named Fritz and Friends’.

Paul Scott Gallery: This wonderful gallery displays the notable works relevant to flamboyantly colored landscapes of Larisa Aukon. One of the most eye-catching paintings of the gallery is vibrantly colored semi-abstract landscape by Toni Doilney. The works put on show in this gallery are super-awesome and must watch for any nature lover.

Tilt Gallery: The gallery demonstrates unique photographs of some well-known photographers. The gallery includes an extraordinary photograph of the desert and of Lacock Abbey in England. The prints of these photographs may be found little gauzy but they are compelling in every way.

There are several other art galleries exhibiting unique and exceptional art-pieces from all across the nation.

Special Themed Events:

The Scottsdale Art Walk is one of the best ways to introduce ourselves with museums and galleries and art in public spaces. And among everything else the Art Walk is also a great way of enjoying the downtown. Planning to meet some friends there and to enjoy good food with a glass of wine can be the best outing ever imagined. There are also special Scottsdale Art Walks organized from time to time where startling collections are presented. These special themed events provide you a great time to visit when the live music is all along the streets and everyone is in the mood to enjoy.

You are going to fall in love with the overall environment of the Art Walk where some people are simply strolling sideways at their pace and others are continuously dipping in and out of galleries they are enticed to. You can stop wherever you want and have something to eat or drink or just sit by a fountain to take delight in a bit of people-watching. It is even possible to come across some working artists and chat with them.

This is an amusing free activity on every Thursday in Scottsdale to make your evenings more artsy